Structural Designer/CADD Operator

Job Description:
Houston, TX H2B, Inc. is seeking to fill a position for a Structural Designer/CADD Operator beginning immediately. The designer will work as part of a team on projects that will likely include building designs (structural design for metal building foundations, and wood, steel, masonry, and concrete superstructures and miscellaneous structures). Tasks may include project design (both calculations and CAD), attending project meetings, , and handling client requests.
Job Responsibilities:
· Completes designs and layouts for complete systems and components of a project.
· Performs layout and design of complex systems and equipment applicable to the respective discipline.
· Ensures compliance with required specifications, tolerances, safety factors, and client requirements.
· Understands and applies commonly used company design standards and methods.
· Collaborates with Engineers and Designers to ensure quality of design.
Applicant Requirements:
· 2-year technical degree or certificate of completion from an accredited designer/drafter course (or equivalent) is preferred.
· Minimum 3+ years of relevant experience in Structural Design strongly preferred.
Proficient in AutoCAD and Revit.
How To Apply:
Email resumes to